A more involved hello-world

Consistently finding time and energy to blog is hard. Not only life happens, there is also a strong urge to optimise everything before you even start; finding the perfect tools and processes to, well, put pixels on a screen.

Over the years I have found myself wanting to share thoughts and various technical tidbits, but the burden of setting up a blog has been insurmountable.

Many times have I gone down the path of writing my own minimalistic blogging platform as a silver bullet, but in the end, if your goal is to get stuff out there it might be saner to write first and worry about the tech stack later. So I let go.

Since Git, GitHub and Jekyll seem to be all the rage, I took the plunge and pulled the plug on my own efforts (yep - there were a few attempts). As a combination of technologies and paradigms they seem hip enough to satisfy my perfectionism, and the promise of infinite scaling is quite alluring!

So there you have it. A more involved hello-world, indeed.